Many people lose this crucial pan thinking it’s simply a “gravel” pan like modern cars are equipped with. However this pan is part of an early model van’s cooling system. This mounts to factory locations and makes up for around 30-40 degrees of cooling power in your cooling system. If you’re reading this it’s likely you’ve already learned about all of this the hard way. This pan fits a 140/170 c.I. Equipped engine which really means the smaller capacity radiator does not pass through the pan. If you are unsure of what you need here is how to measure. From where the radiator mounts the belly pan is 8” below the floor pan. You will likely notice that the supports that your heater hoses and shift rods pass through are also the belly pan mounts. If your radiator goes below this 8” depth below the floor you will need the notched pan. If you’re running a sixties mustang or fair lane radiator like the popular mode from Champion this pan works for you as those radiators have a tiny 17x17 core which fits inside the pan with room to spare.

Early Ford belly pan smooth 140/170 style

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