The Gullwing Kit is an original Custom Vanner creation. People ask me why should I buy yours? I'm the designer. I have installed the parts and the kit works. I've installed it on ford, chevy, dodge, side doors, back doors, customers have used it on front doors. The hinges are made in house. The struts are american made and come with an exchange policy should a strut go bad. Occasionally they have but no big deal. I'm here to support you. The 8 page full color instruction booklet is the real key to success where I combine my love for printing and design with my fabrication skills. With this in hand most vanners say they gullwing their door in 6 hours. Thats a one day project! Included are struts, hinges, screws, a drill bit, and upper and lower mounting hardware for the struts. There are two lower strut mount options included. One is more function, the other is more "show". Welding is required in this kit as well as some basic fabrication skills. Safety is important and making things like this a "bolt on" kit I do not believe is within the realm of safe construction. 

Gullwing Kit

  • Turn around can be 2-4 weeks on these orders. Although it can often be a week turnaround an abundance of orders bogs down our one person operation pretty quickly. If you have a question about your order please reach out. This is a small business so your patience is appreciated.