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Issue 14 is comprised of fifty-six pages of beautiful van photos. This issue contains only 2 digital photos and that makes this issue some of our favorite photography we've ever run. A Route 66 travelogue featuring a nineteen sixty-three eight door Econoline makes up a chunk of the magazine leaning in to the longer form writing style that will be much more present in the forthcoming book we've been talking so much about. Gary Villeggiante's Van Slam is the feature with big spreads of the van as seen at Grand National Roadster show in 2019. Patrick Tondreau wrote a great history piece on LRP vans that he has been working on which will continue on as a series in future issues. There is a bubble window q&a as well some music reviews. This issue features lots of big photos and is a view of things to come for the mag. The mag always comes with some bonus trading cards as well. Thank you for your support! Like everything else under the sun this stuff keeps getting more expensive to do so thanks for even getting to here. 


Orders Start shipping 7/20 cause that was a radical NES game. 

Issue 14

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