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Currently none of our hand made parts are available. Sorry for the inconvenience.


64-70 Chevy Floor pans            

64-70 Chevy Center Floor air scoop     

64-70 Chevy Door skins side & rear      

64-70 Chevy gas neck cover                  

64-70 Chevy back corner floor pan       

64-70 Inner rockers                                 

64-70 Inner rocker (under stepwell) .      

71-96 Chevy Hood Scoop fiberglass     


64-70 Dodge Floor pan                            

71-78  Floor pan (will make sections or whole)

71-78  Hood scoop fiberglass                    



61-67 Ford Belly pans                      

61-67 Ford Rear roll pans                        

61-67 Ford Ford Stainless tube grille      

61-67 Ford Defrost Vents                        

69-74 Ford slider track fill panel (steel)  

69-74 Ford Steel Sunvisor                        

69-74 Ford Battery tray steel                      

69-74 Ford Hood skin steel     (custom)  

69-74 Ford Hood scoop fiberglass            

Bubble Windows

Coffins (set of 2)                                        

Rupee  (set of 2)                                         

4 Sided Diamond  (set of 2)                      

Gemstone (5 sided diamond)

Pentastar (5 sides)                     


Gullwing door conversion kits are built in batches on a monthly basis as there is a constant demand for these. Expect 2-4 weeks wait at least. Works with all vans with a sliding door and a drip rail. 

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