Gullwing Kits and Scoops are available any time right now. Order wait time is always 2 weeks because I'm constantly filling orders. I'm working as lead fabricator on a new version of the TV show Mythbusters so my time is somewhat limited. For parts like belly pans and bubble windows please check on availability. Everything on this list is made in house by hand, by one person. The only thing I don't make is the gas struts in the gullwing kit and those are sourced by a manufacturer in the USA. Thanks for supporting craftsmanship. 


64-70 Chevy Floor pans            

64-70 Chevy Center Floor air scoop     

64-70 Chevy Door skins side & rear      

64-70 Chevy gas neck cover                  

64-70 Chevy back corner floor pan       

64-70 Inner rockers                                 

64-70 Inner rocker (under stepwell) .      

71-96 Chevy Hood Scoop fiberglass     


64-70 Dodge Floor pan                            

71-78  Floor pan (will make sections or whole)

71-78  Hood scoop fiberglass                    



61-67 Ford Belly pans                      

61-67 Ford Rear roll pans                        

61-67 Ford Ford Stainless tube grille      

61-67 Ford Defrost Vents                        

69-74 Ford slider track fill panel (steel)  

69-74 Ford Steel Sunvisor                        

69-74 Ford Battery tray steel                      

69-74 Ford Hood skin steel     (custom)  

69-74 Ford Hood scoop fiberglass            

Bubble Windows

Coffins (set of 2)                                        

Rupee  (set of 2)                                         

4 Sided Diamond  (set of 2)                      

Bong                       (set of 2)                      


Gullwing door conversion kits are built in batches on a monthly basis as there is a constant demand for these. Expect a few weeks wait at least. Maybe 2 if we're slow in the shop. 

Works with all vans with a sliding door and a drip rail.