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Bubble windows


If there are no windows in the webstore it's because vanners have me busy building  personalized orders with specific color lenses. For those orders you place a deposit through paypal invoicing and then either make payments as your windows are built or cover the balance and shipping at the time of completion. After a few years of building these I am finally putting windows in stock. If you want a combination that is not in stock an order can be placed. Wait times are curretnly around 1-2 months. Windows  include inner trim frames and stainless screws..Inner Frames are built to the window they come paired with so that installation is a breeze. The inner frames are made of mild steel. The old aluminum inner trim frames were not really up to the job and these more rigid steel frames are an improvement. The inner frames come raw and are a great piece to send to the powder coater, wrap them in fabric, or simply a can of spray paint. The exterior frames are 6061 aluminum and come polished. Windows can be ordered as singles if you don't want a set.

Uncut Gems (4 sided diamond) 

This is the fastest design to build. It has the fewest pieces/ joints and therefore is the most inexpensive. 11" wide by 17" tall $700 a set.

Pentastar (Pentagon) 

This is a classic design for mopar enthusiasts however I think they look great on any make. I might change the lens to a faceted version soon as this mopar style doesn't really excite me. 13.75” tall by 14.75” wide when viewed with one side as a flat bottom $800 a set.


The coffin and the uncut gems are the two most popular designs in the catalog. My grandfather made burial vaults and was a funeral director as well as fabricator trailers and boom systems for his own trucks to move vaults so it's been a nice homage to his skills and trade building this design.  19” tall by 11 7/8” wide. This window was designed to be installed at an angle. it's big! $900 a set.

GEMSTONE (5 sided diamond) 

This is a classic. Not much to say about it. I may start offering a second lense design for this soon. I'm not sure why but these are quick to build. I think it's just because I like them so much. 13” wide by 13.75” tall  $900 a set.

Rupee (stretched hexagon) 

This is a nod to one of my brother's favorite video games: the legend of  Zelda. This lens is deep but won't intefere with your sliding door. 16” tall by 10” wide  $900 a set.

Hexagoner (6 sided polygon) 

This is the design I wish I would have started with. Another classic vanner design. There are 2 lense styles. Standard faceted and D20 which is for all of you dungeons and dragons nerds (wink). 14 1/4” tall by 12 1/4” wide  $900 a set.


This is the design I don't want to build. They have 12 pieces which is of course double the hexagon and coffin. The tiny sections are dangerous to have at the grinder and saw. The lens is bigger than my oven and has to be handled in a speical way. The inner frames have a lot of welded joints as well and require a lot of work to keep them flat. I do like the final product and will occasionally be happy to build some. However expect a 6 month turnaround at minimum. 10 3/4” tall by 24” wide  $1400 a set.

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