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OUR STORY (thus far)


Ten years ago we started making Issue 1 of Custom Vanner Magazine. At my service were two good friends and mentors: Wookee and Virtual Vanner. Together we churned out a first issue that did not fall flat on it's face. The next few issues were a learning curve. The magazine started to take shape issue by issue. The first magazine was a half size book manufactured by the vocational school I attended to learn commercial printing. The second issue became a full size saddle stitched book. Issue 11 marked our first perfect bound book which is the format we still utilize at this time heading towards issue 14. Over the years many have contributed their time and effort to make the magazine better each time. Without their help there is no Custom Vanner. It is purely a fun loving fraternity that makes this magazine a reality.  Along side the magazine is my passion for metal shaping and manufacturing parts for our beloved vans. Typically because the shop remains rather busy making and developing parts one issue of the magazine is released annually with no subscription service. This allows for focus on quality rather than quantity. Most of the photos in the magazine are shot on 35mm film. Our coverage spans more than one continent and our friends list is only growing. Thanks to all for what has been a good decade. We hope to bring forward more fun van coverage that helps you better explain your van obsession to your friends and family. 


Truck on Keepin, 


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